From a startup webshop to a complex business solution

ePages 5 is a standard software, with which you can compile and conduct an online shop. The “ePages 5 Merchant” Line provides the matching product for every phase of your E-Business-Engagement. Whether B2B business model or end customer business, whether small business or big middle class business – with the Merchant line we have developed software, with which the E-Business entry will succeed and with which we will grow step by step. Thereby the ePages 5 fulfills the international requirements as well.

Thanks to the seamless integration of online shop and ERP system, e-business offers you a wealth of advantages:

  • Easy linking without programming experience
  • Acquisition of new customer bases and increase in sales
  • Improved service and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs concerning sales/marketing and order processing
  • Streamlining of internal workflows
  • Faster dispatching of orders
  • Reduction in misdeliveries and returns
  • Full-service package for rental


We have created for you various e-commerce packages which can be rented monthly and include hosting, regular updates and system management:

ePages 5 Merchant Starter

The newcomer software contains all functions for a smooth and successful start into E-Business. A side of that, it brings an all round E-Marketing function with it, these include Cross-Selling, Tell-a-Friend function and rebate system. Businesses, which want to draw up their shop with up to two languages, with one currency and want to calculate with a low to medium order volume, get off lightly with the newcomer version. There are 4 application servers available, which are mostly sufficient for the new entry into E-Business.


ePages 5 Merchant Pro

We recommend the version “Merchant Pro” to businesses, which want to respond to an international target group. Multi language and currencies are therefore no problem – as well as for the administration and for the storefront of the shop.Furthermore, the „Merchant Pro“ contains valuable functions, with which a high order volumecan be overcome efficiently. The shop can be bind into already existing systems with the help of web services. That’s how for example price information and inventory are available in real time.

Extensive E-Marketing functions and service offers (various payment provider, service tracking for UPS, …) make the “Merchant Pro” an ideal solution for everyone, who provides more comfort for their clients and at the same time want to enter the international market.

With up to 12 application servers, the „Merchant Pro“ version is appropriate for companies, which calculate with a medium to high order volume.


ePages 5 Merchant Enterprise

For businesses, which generate the most part of their sales online, we have developed the version „Merchant Enterprise“. It combines maximum efficiency with excellent marketing opportunities: The most common product search machines and shop portals are being operated through interfaces to Pangora, eBay, Kelkoo and Froogle – directly from the online shop. This way of multi cannel distribution simplifies the customer acquisition a lot and the E-Marketing functions are being exhausted.

Interfaces to different payment systems, integration possibilities and the support of various languages and currencies make the „Enterprise“ version a perfect solution for your business, which wants to be ahead by a nose in the international multi channel distribution.

The „Merchant Enterprise“ can be operated with various application servers. In this way you can scale the shop system up to your wishes and adjust it to an above-average high order volume.


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