Regular postings? Use Templates!

It’s the same task every month – you need to record the transactions for electricity or telephone bills, refreshments expenses, etc. Each time you find that it takes longer than expected. You look at the transactions from the previous month, or search in your notes to make sure [...]Read more

Reveal the Missing Items

Congratulations! You made it! more and more orders are coming in and you are busier than ever, making the efforts to deliver everything on time to your expecting customers. Even if your planning is optimal and you keep your eye on inventory levels, you may encounter cases where [...]Read more

Turn Sales Order into purchasing Document

Managing inventory is tricky. It’s not easy to draw the line between enough and too much or too little. Supporting your effort to optimize inventory, SAP Business One offers the option to open the Procurement Confirmation Wizard directly upon adding a Sales Order, and create a [...]Read more

Remove Unpriced Items From Database

We all want to get our job done as efficient as possible, and we invest lots of efforts in finding better processes, improve our skills, upgrade our equipment etc. SAP Business One contributes to your continuous efforts by offering an option that can help increase productivity. [...]Read more

Create Negative Payments by the Wizard

During the regular course of business we all need to handle negative payments – when returning money to customers, receiving a refund from vendor, or when receiving refund from the authorities. Regardless the reasons behind it, these transactions should be recorded and this task [...]Read more

Purchase Quotations? Use the Wizard!

Time to replace printers or monitors for the employees? Or maybe you just started planning the company annual party? In any event – it’s going to be quite an expense! To make sure you receive the best price and value for money, you’ll be approaching various vendors, ask for [...]Read more

Set Once, Post Recurrently

We all have these regular transactions that we post recurrently. It could be the monthly pay for the cleaning services, or the insurance for the building. Some of us keep the list of those transactions in the notebook, post-it’s on the monitor, or an Excel file… but – there is [...]Read more

Launch Campaign, Grow Your Business

Whether it’s summer vacation or the holiday season, the right campaign can help you grow your business and drive sales. For that purpose exactly, SAP Business One provides you the campaign management functionality that allows you to define and track campaigns targeting the [...]Read more

Long Term Contract? Blanket Agreement!

Congratulations! You just signed a big, long-term contract with a new customer. In the coming few years your business will be supplying this customer goods and services according to the defined terms and conditions. So, how are you going to track it and follow up? SAP Business [...]Read more

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