Cash Flow? Check the Forecast

Cash flow. The bread and butter of every business. Recognizing the importance of this report, SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA provides you the Cash Flow Forecast. A comprehensive, easy to use report with flexible and configurable criteria that shows you in the cash flow [...]Read more

You Just Have to Request

New employee is joining? The printer is dead? Having an annual party next month? Well, whatever it is, it requires some purchasing for the business. For such cases and many others SAP Business One provides you the Purchase Request. This is an internal document that allows users [...]Read more

Order Upon Recommendation

Sales orders are the oxygen of the business, and huge efforts are invested to increase sales and keep the customers happy at all times. SAP Business One supports your efforts to drive sales by providing recommendations for additional items that might be relevant to your customer [...]Read more

Set Item Cost for Non-Based Returns

If you are in the sales business, you know that handling and documenting returned goods is an inseparable task. Usually you may create the return document based on a previous document, such as delivery. However sometimes you have to create the return document from scratch. For [...]Read more

The Next Step in Reporting

Generating report that includes exactly the data you need is highly important and not obvious at all. The Interactive Analysis Report Designer is a reporting and analytical tool based on MS Excel (plugin) that utilizes the SAP Business One Semantic Layer (SAP HANA Views) as data [...]Read more

Your User Defined Fields to Landed Costs

If you are using the Landed Costs document, you probably wished you could add another detail or two so it perfectly fits your business needs. Well, your wish just came true! You can add user defined fields to the Landed Costs document in both header and line levels: Available [...]Read more

The Sidebar is by your Side

Once you use dashboards you can never go back. Receiving the exact information you need at a glance is invaluable! But even that gets better. If your dashboards are related to documents such as sales order or quotation, you can view them while processing the document. All you [...]Read more

Just Look at Business Partners

Business Partner Master Data records contain so much information about your vendors, customers, and leads. Some of it is critical, for example payment terms and currency, and so it’s obvious that only very few qualified users are allowed to update those records. But what about [...]Read more

Update Qty in Partially copied Quote

Congratulations! The customer approved the sales quotation and decided to order the goods in two batches – now and next month. After the 1st half was delivered the customer asked to adjust remaining quantity. Now what? Close the existing sales quotation and create a new one for [...]Read more

New User? Copy From Settings

Congratulations! You have just hired new employees! You have created for them user codes, allocated licenses and granted authorizations and… in one click you can assign them the initial form settings and preferences they would need for their role. Just browse to an existing user [...]Read more

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