Set Your Own Shortcuts

Using the same SAP Business One windows every day? Let us save you precious time and clicks for navigation and search. There is an easier and more efficient way to open your windows. Define your own shortcuts to selected windows and get an instant access to your tasks! From the [...]Read more

Every Package Needs A Packing Slip

You have all the goods ready for shipping to the customer. And now what? Yes, it will be packed very carefully in suitable boxes so no damage done in the process, but how will you track it? Well, document it in the packing slip. In SAP Business One you can document the packages [...]Read more

Additional Info?

Ever created a document and wished you could just add a comment, or some additional information? Yes, you can add the details in a post-it or in the mail, but it is not the same as adding the specific info to the document itself. For that purpose exactly, SAP Business One is [...]Read more

Do You Use Segmentation Accounts?

When creating a new company database many decisions that derived from the nature of the given business should be made. Some of these decisions are irreversible, and hence should be carefully considered. One of those is related to the chart of accounts structure which is the [...]Read more

More Options on Pick & Pack Manager

The Pick and Pack Manager enables you to automate the processing of sales and production orders, reserve invoices and inventory transfer requests. One of the key capabilities of the pick and pack manager is the flexible selection criteria that let you generate the lists you need. [...]Read more

Single Bin Location at a Time

When managing bin locations in warehouses you need to determine several working methods that best fit your business. For example automatic allocation on issue and on receipt. In order to allow you better flexibility, SAP Business One introduces additional allocation on issue [...]Read more

Review Authorizations in Excel or PDF

User authorizations are extremely important, sensitive and sometimes complicated. You can never be too careful when assigning authorizations to new user, or when making adjustments for an existing one. Thus being able to review and even compare authorizations of certain users is [...]Read more

Pickers & Indicators at Your Service

We are all in a hurry, trying to complete more tasks in less time and every second matters. Common tasks like creating a document, generating a report, or posting a transaction consist of multiple tiny steps and decisions like setting date range or entering quantity and price. To [...]Read more

New Options in Outgoing Checks

Creating and printing checks for payment has always been one of the more sensitive tasks. You double check, and then check once more that all the details are correct and that the right paper is inserted to the printer. And yet, there are cases when adjustments are required. SAP [...]Read more

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