It’s All About Your Customers

Customers are the key asset of every business and hence maintaining and tracking all their business data is extremely important. To support this need, SAP Business One introduces the “Customer 360”- a new dashboard that shows comprehensive information about a given customer, [...]Read more

Live Collaboration for B1 Users

We do it every day. Some of us more frequent than others but it happens to all of us. We call, send or receive e-mails, or even meet colleagues to quickly discuss a certain document or clarify a detail in a given report. Of course we are very efficient, but it can get better! SAP [...]Read more

Cash Payment? With Cash Account Only

If you receive or pay cash, you know that you can generate the incoming or outgoing payment document using a cash account or non-cash account. Unless done intentionally and for known reasons, using a non-cash account for a cash transaction might cause unclarity in bookkeeping. To [...]Read more

Sent Doc via Email? Check the Log

Sending documents and report in e-mails from SAP Business One makes daily work much more efficient. But e-mails, like other documents or actions should be monitored or tracked. For that, SAP Business One provides you the sent e-mails log – a report that lists the sent [...]Read more

More Options in Recurring Transactions

One of the most important things in recurring transactions is to set it in a way that perfectly meets your business needs. SAP Business One introduces new and more flexible options for setting recurring transactions. If you work with daily recurrence period, more days are [...]Read more

Next Step of Resource Management

When managing resources, knowing the exact available capacity and accurate planning ahead are key factors for efficiency and productivity. To support these needs, SAP Business One enables you to purchase and sell resources while having the capacity of the given resources updated [...]Read more

User Code Turns 25

There are so many rules about creating a user code, some of them derived from SAP Business One and some related to policy of each business. The more users you have, the more challenging it gets, especially when it is limited to eight characters only. But not anymore! The User [...]Read more

When a Customer is also a Vendor

In the business world it’s quite common that your vendor for certain goods or services is also your customer, purchasing from you different goods or services. In such case you manage two different master data records – one representing the customer and the other for the vendor [...]Read more

More Data in BP Master Data

Accurate addresses and contact person details are crucial for the day-to-day business. In printed documents, when sending e-mails, setting meetings etc. Considering the high importance of this information, and based on collected feedback, the contact persons details and the [...]Read more

Need Details? Don’t Click, View.

It’s happening all the time, to all of us. When creating a document or when generating a report… we just need this additional piece of information, and we know how to get it! We can click the yellow arrow, drill down to the relevant record and find all we need. Now, there is [...]Read more

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