ECO System


Phase 1: Everything Standard!

From 2017 on, Aztalan started working with an ECO-system service. With ECO we mean a more efficient, time- and moneysaving approach. In phase 1 this entails the implementation of STANDARD SAP Business One software with a template for specific sectors. We’ve created for example the ECO-ELECTRO template. It provides an easier transition to a successful ERP platform. No more start-up with separate highly complicated work packages that require extensive training, but a simple system that satisfies the needs of the company and that makes it easy to start using the new software platform.

The ease of working  with Aztalan ECO-system comes from the fact that it is Standard Software with a Standard Roll Out. With this method the customer has to accept the software as it is; based on our predefined template. We choose and fully support this new working method as it definitely gets a company faster up and running, only requiring the standard installation and a couple of training sessions. Moreover, the ECO-system proved to be very successful with all our customers who already have committed to it.
This first phase will come in three models: FAST – MEDIUM – 360. Each model comes with activation of a different selection of modules.


Setup, Installation & Training in 35 days.

Contains SAP Business One with a basic set of modules, and Entreprize.


Setup, Installations & training in 50 days.

Contains SAP Business One and 50% of all modules.


Setup, Installation & Training in 75 days.

Contains the whole package.


Phase 2: Complexity

Rollout of standard packages does not mean that further enhancement and flexibility is out of the question. Once the customer is familiar with the new ERP-system, phase 2 of the software implementation can start, where customization becomes a possibility upon request.

Ecosystem 360
Ecosystem 360

We still provide our other way of implementation, starting with a workshop, including analyses and a blueprint. All the different packages are then adapted to the needs and the desires of the customer from early on.
In a first meeting we will elaborate with pleasure about our Methodology and discuss the best approach for your project.

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